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Hi There!



I'm Amy and I am a people watcher - but not the creepy kind


Let me start by introducing myself a little (or a lot) with some fun facts.


I have always been obsessed with taking my camera with me on days/ nights out.  Back in the days of the awkward little red bob and awful shoes, I was that girl who took her little red camera to the club every Monday and Saturday. I'd have the photos edited and up on Facebook the next day, so excited for everyone to see how epic the night was! Don't worry - I don't do that anymore. 

On our call you will see me as I am. I am just myself... A good example would be that  I have tripped many times whilst running backwards to get that confetti shot and it will happen again (it's worth it). 

My brain likes to go 0-100 with scatty ideas  - so if you see me climbing in a bush or grabbing my wellies from the car, roll with me. It's all for the photos! 



Why Wedding Photography?


Basically, I am obsessed with weddings. I always have been! I really have my sister to thank for being so pushy (let's not tell her that -EVER) and my Uncle. She pushed me into shooting my first two Weddings and I haven't ever looked back!


The first wedding I ever got asked to shoot was my Uncles. Him and his wife were so in love with the photos that they made me promise to try... So here we are!  

You may have guessed, I am also a mum! My little best friend is my drive for constantly pushing myself to do what I love! Wedding Photography (in case you haven't guessed?)!

Want to see more?


How do I take the photos?

My approach is very reportage, I also get told my work looks editorial?

That being said, I am not the in your face "pose this way" photographer but of course I will give some direction to ensure you get some profile pic worthy portraits. Chaos and laughter and happy tears are what I love being there for -  I get so into your day that I will probably shed a tear too if there's some emotional bits (not even sorry).

I live for all of those awkward innuendos and really stupid moments. Serious is really not my thing. Capturing your auntie Julie downing the prosecco from the bottle whilst busting out her best cha cha slide is what I'm all there for! 


The majority of couples I shoot, really don't like the idea of having their photos taken. I want to make you comfortable! I love a chat, and a laugh. Tell me everything and anything that makes you happy and before you know it we are besties and that awkwardness is long gone! Engagement shoots are the perfect opportunity to get to know one another. You also get a practice run in front of the camera and I promise you - We will have fun! 

Basically, I'm up for family shots, but I am probably not for you if you want 100,000 "stand still and pose" shots (sorry).


Moments are so important!

Do you follow me already? I promise I don't post too much 

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